Just as public Liability insurance website www.publicliabilityinsurance.ws is an essential for business owners, a Buick is just as essential for the CEO! Buick is a division of General Motors. Along with Cadillac, they are one of the company’s luxury brands.

History of the Company

Buick is the oldest active American car brand. It began life in 1899 as an internal combustion engine and car manufacturer. Buick sold their first car in 1904. In that year 37 Model Bs were produced. Unfortunately none exist today. Five years later the power train and chassis architecture from the Model B were used in the Model F.

General Motors

Buick is the founding member of General Motors. A series of acquisitions in the early decades of the twentieth century brought the group together. These companies included present members Cadillac, Chevrolet, Opel and Vauxhall.

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GM considers Buick to be one of its core brands. When GM went into Chapter 11 reorganisation, brands like Saturn, Hummer, and Saab were sold, but Buick survived. The Buick Regal, which was originally intended to be sold as a Saturn, was a consequence of this reorganisation. In addition, more money was made available to the brand for investment in future models.


Buick is not only popular in its home market. China is its biggest market, but Buicks are also brought in great numbers in Mexico, Canada, Israel, and Taiwan.

Premium Marque

GM calls Buick their premium brand. Whilst Cadillac is positioned to take on rivals like Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the luxury segment, Buick is up against Acura, Volvo, and Lexus.

Current Models

As of 2012, the Buick line up in their home market consists of three saloon cars: the Verano, the Regal, and the LaCrosse. The Enclave crossover is also sold and the Encore, a mini crossover, will be released in 2013.


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Buick in the UK

There are no Buick dealerships in the UK but a wide selection of importers could transfer the car for you or you could do so yourself. Opinions vary as to whether importing a car on your own is just a case of handling the paperwork or if it’s a bureaucratic nightmare, so you should research this before committing to a car.